La Maestra 2022 : meet the 14 selected candidates!

The Philharmonie de Paris and Paris Mozart Orchestra are delighted to announce the names of the 14 conductors who have been selected to participate in the 2nd edition of La Maestra International Competition for Women Conductors, which will take place in Paris, on 3-6 March 2022.

Yeo Ryeong AHN, 29 (South Korea)
Clara BAGET, 23 (France)
Mélisse BRUNET, 44 (France)
Mercedes DIAZ GARCIA, 41 (Spain)
Ustina DUBITSKY, 33 (Germany)
Tamara DWORETZ, 32 (USA)
Beatriz FERNANDEZ AUCEJO, 38 (Spain)
Vivian IP, 35 (Hong Kong)
Nikol KRAFT, 33 (Czech Republic)
Maria KUROCHKINA, 32 (Russia)
Natalia RASPOPOVA, 39 (Australia)
Joanna Natalia SLUSARCZYK, 36 (Poland)
Anna SUŁKOWSKA-MIGOŃ, 26 (Poland)
Zoe ZENIODI, 45 (Greece)

In the wake of a dazzling first edition in 2020, the return of La Maestra has been greeted by worldwide enthusiasm, receiving 202 applications from 48 countries in both North and South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa, with an average age of 35 years. Such a remarkable number of applicants – the majority clearly displaying exceptional artistry and technical ability – alongside the diversity of their individual backgrounds and circumstances underlines and validates the competition’s uniquely radical and innovative ethos.

Whilst a number of the 2020 competition’s candidates have tried their luck again, 132 others applied for the first time – proof positive that talented women conductors from all corners of the globe are ready and waiting to be discovered and championed.

Providing a high-profile platform and continuing support for these female talents is a cause we will defend with commitment and passion.